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Designing an Attractive Display Stand for your Next Show

Image by dsigns via flickr

Having attractive portable display stands at trade shows is an important part of your company’s marketing efforts. Designing eye-catching, attractive shop display stands is vital, no matter the size of your company.

The average store or trade show is a busy place with numerous exhibits vying for passers-by attention. And today’s trade show booths are no longer boxy cubicles with a load of printed flyers.

Putting together an attractive, memorable booth requires attention to details like visual elements. From the right sales consultants to video presentations, you need to get each nuance just right for your intended market. But most importantly, you need to ensure your retail display stands really stand out and call for attention.

It takes only a few seconds to capture a visitor’s attention and the design of your cardboard display stands can really be a deciding factor in whether or not people stay longer at your stand to learn about your brand.

Ten Tips for Designing Display Stands

Whether you have retractable stands, brochure display stands or pop up display stands, the idea to have designs that stand out above the rest. You want to capture your target customer’s interest and also project a professional image.

  1. To ensure your design stands are attractive, start by planning the booth in small, manageable steps.

  2. Create a detailed list of each element of your booth, whether you’re going to use videos, slide shows, pop up banners, product sample giveaways or live demonstrations.

  3. Make sure that the layout of your display stands is going to flow naturally as customers browse around. If needs be, seek the opinion of a professional designer who can offer some creative tips.

  4. Be sure to research the available spaces at upcoming events and ensure that you get the perfect spot from which to display your banners and lay out your stand. There will be dimensional limits and you will need to take these into consideration. By taking this into consideration well in advance, you can avoid frantic last minute changes that might detract from the overall display stands’ impression.

  5. When it comes to designing your slogans, logos and other graphical elements for your display stands, do a little research into the current booth design trends. Adding a few popular elements to your design can help to extend the length of time a visitor will stay at your booth.

  6. Less is more for trade show booth elements. Stands with loads of flyers and brochures can lead to a sort of information overload. A clean design, though, can increase customer engagement.

  7. Keep the lighting in your stand simple and limited to cool or warm tones. Multiple coloured lighting can be a distraction from your products.

  8. Divide your stand into sections where customers can choose to explore products on their own or chat to sales staff.

  9. Add mobile technology and social media to your display stand designs. This has become a rapidly growing trend and many a company has reported a noticeable growth in sales numbers. The ability for a customer to “like” or “follow” a brand on their mobile devices can be impactful.

  10. Incorporate green design and environmentally friendly materials to your display stands. This will show buyers that you practice sustainability efforts and can help to attract environmentally conscious customers.

Designing attractive display stands that will stand out take time and effort but can really pay off – and quickly. Customers like to get the impression that your brand and company have something special to offer them that they can’t find anywhere else.

A well-designed, modern and enticing, attractive booth can go a great way towards creating an excellent first impression. It also shows that you are determined to give your customers updated information about your products and provide the best possible value for money.

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