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A Tip to Enhance your Brand Reputation

When the post comes through your letterbox each morning there will always be certain envelopes which catch your eye. These will be the ones which you open first and pay most attention to, and as a business this needs to be something that you utilise. Plain, white envelopes will be ignored and sometimes not even opened, and this would make your mail out a failure. However, if when your letter is delivered it catches the recipient’s eye, through an attractive design with bold colours they are more likely to open the letter immediately, and also pay more attention to the contents. Businesses still rely heavily on mailing letters out to existing and potential customers and clients; this is could be for a marketing campaign, a direct mail strategy or for correspondence.

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For your mailing to be a success it is worthwhile having your own custom made envelopes printed. This will not only help your mail to stand out, but it will also demonstrate that you take pride in your brands image and identity. Company logos, colour schemes and slogans are hugely important as they help a company to establish brand identity and separate themselves from the competition. These logos, colour schemes and slogans should be included wherever possible, and certainly on any mail that is sent out to both existing and potential customers.


Custom Envelopes in a Range of Colours, Sizes and Types


Getting custom made envelopes printed can be simple and affordable. There are envelope printing companies that can print on a huge range of styles, weights and types. This includes gummed, self seal, peel and seal, window and non window. There are then different colours that you can opt for, and many of these companies have the option where you can upload your artwork to be printed as well. This includes places like Rockhill 1st Class Envelopes and a few others. The final product will be eye catching and of the highest quality, and this will help to ensure that your message is communicated effectively.


Amongst the plain, windowed envelopes which are all the same size your company envelope will be the one that gets the most attention. Custom printed envelopes demonstrate professionalism, care and thought has been put into your correspondence. This will be noticed by the recipient and will help to develop your brand reputation.

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