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Weight Loss For You, the Employee

Imagine being able to participate in an easy and successful weight loss program right at work. It means better health and even cash incentives if you manage to lower your body weight and stay at the new reduced levels. Your employer benefits by having decreased health care costs and healthier employees. 

With 66 percent of the population nowadays being either overweight or obese, that ends up costing employers millions of dollars each year in health care claims and absenteeism. Therefore, employers are eager to encourage weight loss and healthy eating among their workers to make for a happy and productive work place.

How does this unique system operate? A customized kiosk/weigh station placed in a private room at work collects and reports automated measurements of your Body Mass Index (BMI) over the internet in just 60 seconds, and you get instant and confidential feedback.

Along with that, customized daily lifestyle coaching via daily emails provides consistent and ongoing support and advice for you and your family to modify your lifestyles, increase willpower, learn exercise techniques, reach fitness goals with three levels of fitness to accommodate a beginner or a person who is a lifelong exerciser, and be motivated by strategies, success stories, inspirational quotes and new recipes.

You learn how to include healthy foods in your family’s daily meals. Healthy eating stresses portion control, eating five or six small meals every day, and balancing each meal with protein, vegetables and carbohydrates. Many people, after losing some weight, are able to go off cholesterol and triglyceride medicine and use less insulin for blood sugar after it starts to normalize.

Once every quarter, a digital photo is taken so you can see your visual transformation over time, which is a key motivator for continued engagement in the program.

This personalized program is devised to meet each individual participant’s needs. An advisory panel composed of professionals in nutrition, heart health, physical activity and behavioral science are the guides for success.

Learn more about this exciting new way to meet weight loss and weight goals by contacting us.

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