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Purchasing Auto Insurance for Senior Drivers: 5 Things to Consider

young-couple-driving-300x199Auto insurance companies have a unique way of devising premium rates. Most of the time, it has to do with risk. How risky is the vehicle? How risky is the road? How risky is the driver? An insurance agent is forced to take these things into consideration, because he or she wants to know what kind of liability is in store for the insurance company. If there is a high risk that the driver will crash, there is a serious liability. This is why car insurance for senior drivers is so high, as statistically speaking, seniors get into more auto collisions than any other demographic of drivers. Here are five things to consider when purchasing auto insurance for senior drivers.

1.  Driving record. Senior drivers can be a liability, but that doesn’t go for all senior drivers. There are some seniors that are perfectly alert and have spotless driving records. So, when you are purchasing a policy, you may want to show proof of this record to an insurance agent. If there is a point on the record, but it is from a long time ago, you may want to find a way to have that point scrubbed off – getting a certificate from a driving school may just do the trick.

2.  Age. In most states, the age when you officially become a senior citizen is 62. When it comes to seniordom, there is a huge difference between young and old seniors. A senior who is in his or her early sixties will often be a more agile and alert driver than a senior that is in his or her nineties. So, you want to take this into consideration. An insurance agent will look at all senior citizens as a blanket liability, but you can often use a younger age in your negotiating tactics for your policy.
3.  Bundled services. If you have a home insurance policy and you have been loyal to the company for a long time, they may just reward you with a lower car insurance policy. If you are a senior having trouble finding a great deal on a policy, you may want to consider asking your current insurance company what kind of discounts they’ll provide if you bundle with them. There may be a chance that you can save a tremendous amount of money if you go this route.

4.  Insurance agent experience. If you research “State Farm Insurance Agent- Russ Levinton” online, you will find numerous different results and reviews that shows how important agent experience can be. When you are searching for a policy for a senior driver, you want to take into consideration the skill and expertise of your insurance agent. In most cases, you want an insurance agent to work with you – not exclusively as an ally to the insurance company. So, you may want to start by doing your research when it comes to a qualified insurance agent.

5.  The distance you drive. If you are a senior driver, you want to be sure to take into consideration how much you drive on a daily basis. If you don’t go far – maybe to the market or the doctor’s office – you may not have to spend that much on your monthly premiums. That’s definitely something you’ll want to discuss with your agent. In the end, the more you drive the more of a risk you are on the road – according to an insurance company’s risk assessment process – so you may be able to save by driving less.


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