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Look After Your Car – Get It Serviced!

Despite the fact that it happens to be the single most important aspect of car maintenance, there are still millions of drivers out there who don’t take their vehicles in for regular servicing. A lot of drivers seem to think that servicing isn’t necessary for cars that are less than three years old, but this nothing but a fallacy. Whilst you can get away with not servicing a vehicle that is under eighteen months old, older cars really do need a little bit of love and care.

The key is to make servicing a part of your regular automotive routine – no matter how fit or plucky you may think your car happens to be. It is a fact that some cars are sturdier than others and can last longer without a check-up, but it is recommended that all cars over a year old be sent for servicing at least once a year – twice if you can manage it. If you travel a lot, you’re going to need to get your vehicle serviced more frequently than a person who doesn’t drive very much.

With regular servicing your car is less likely to breakdown or cause you to have an accident, meaning you are less likely to claim on your insurance.  With insurers like Direct Asia guaranteeing the best price for safer drivers it’s clearing worth the investment. So what things do you need to know about getting your car serviced?

What Needs To Be Covered – absolutely all safety related issues should be covered in a professional service. This includes the brakes, the steering, the tyres, the suspension, the lighting and the windscreen wipers. According to forensic engineer John Dabek, a service should also check the oil filters, air filters, spark plugs, fuel filters and the fuel tank. Don’t forget that just as all cars are varied, all services will vary in their own way too. If all of the above mentioned components have been scrutinised, your car has been serviced well. There may be things that your car needs that another car might not, or things that your car doesn’t need but another vehicle might – this doesn’t necessarily mean that the service is in any way substandard or unprofessional.

Where To Go – you should always take your vehicle to a garage that you know is VAT registered. More often than not, only a registered establishment will have the component parts that you need. If you want to avoid a hefty bill, make sure that your engineer knows exactly what he is being paid to do. Don’t be afraid to politely inform an engineer that you don’t want any additional repairs – not unless you have given your permission for them first. If anything extra is urgently needed, a garage must contact and inform you of it first, say the experts at

How To Save Money – there are some aspects of a service that you can carry out yourself, if you know what you are doing. You can check the tyre pressure, the engine levels and the coolant levels with little effort or hassle, say the experts at These checks are extremely easy to carry out if you are familiar with the basics of automotive maintenance. There are thousands of handy guides online and hundreds of books dedicated to car repair in local libraries. If you want to save money on servicing, do some research and learn how to offset some of the more basic running, maintenance and upkeep costs. In some cases, you can earn yourself a discount by taking your car to the same garage for its twice annual services.

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