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In Marketing, a Picture is Worth a Thousand Words

Whatever product or service you’re selling, it can be challenging to get your point across in words. You have to write descriptions that will appeal to a wide range of people. Your writing has to be easy to understand but not seem juvenile. Some people will read or hear about what you do and think, “Sure. Prove it.” Photographic evidence is one of the easiest, most direct ways to sell your services. A great photo will evoke the right emotions and engage potential customers on a deeper level than just words. Why is it so important? For several reasons.

It’s Immediate

Studies have shown that including a photograph means immediate engagement, whether it’s a Facebook ad or an email campaign. If you have a compelling picture, people are 35% more likely to read the ad than if you use words alone. Most people scroll quickly through their online feeds. If you have a photo, they’ll make time to stop and look. If there’s no photo, your words will get lost in their scrolling.

It’s Emotional

Animal rescue organizations understand the appeal of photographs. It’s why we respond to the gut-wrenching images of shivering, starving animals and are compelled to donate money to animal rescues. Hearing about animal abuse intellectually doesn’t trigger our raw emotions. Seeing an individual animal who is whimpering and cold triggers a rush of emotions and an urgent need to somehow rescue that particular animal. This generalized into the desire to donate or volunteer.

It Tells a Story

Before and after pictures are particularly effective for selling services that improve some element of your life. A before image of a faded, peeling house and an after picture of a beautifully sided house will have you comparing your home and considering new siding. The comparison also illustrates the quality of the work. Anyone can claim to do great work, but a picture shows you what that great work is.

Doctors and surgeons often use before and after pictures, so patients know what to expect. It’s easy to tell someone, “We’ll be able to straighten the joint and relieve the inflammation,” but that’s a general statement. Patients want to know how much better they will look and how well their bodies will recover after surgery. One surgical center that uses photography very effectively is Northwest Surgery Center. Their photos illustrate dozens of patients who have had impressive results and experienced fundamental transformation through surgery.


When your business uses high-quality photographs in advertising, you project a professional image. Photography by someone with years of experience and expertise shines and signals that your company is willing to invest in the best to engage your customers.

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