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How to Secure the Best Talent in a Candidate Driven Market

If you are running a business then you need to have the very best staff working for you. This will ensure you have the competitive edge and drive to push your business forward.

It is a well known fact that productivity increases if your staff are happy and feel needed by the business. But before you can evaluate your business practices to ensure you have the right staff, you need to attract the very best on offer.

It is also important to have good support to ensure your HR practices and contracts all fully comply with the current law. Sites such as can help to ensure you look after the staff, once you’ve found them.

How you find the best talent

Use the following tips to ensure you are looking for the right person.

Define It

The more defined your role the easier it will be for you to find the right candidate for the job. By having a clear set of characteristics that are needed you will be able to quickly sort out potential employees from those that are just hoping.

Offer Fast

The market is currently favouring candidates. This means the moment you find a candidate that you feel is right for you get your preliminary offer in. This will encourage them to come in and discuss the details.

The gap between offering and the hiring meeting will allow you to establish the exact detail of what you are offering and confirm you have the best candidate.

If you offer quickly you’ll show the candidate that you have a great deal of confidence in them; this is likely to inspire them.


There is no harm in looking at the staff your main competitors have. It is possible there is one or two which have already developed a reputation.

There is no harm in tactfully approaching them to see if they would be interested in working for the competition.

If not then just let them now the offer is open; it will give them something to think about every time they are unhappy at work.

Offer The Right Wage

The best candidates will command the highest wages, but they should be worth it.

This means you need to be prepared to offer the best possible returns on the market. This should be better than what they are currently getting.

You will also find that a good remuneration package will help as it shows the candidates just how serious you are.

Speed Counts

Current research suggests that 80% of candidates accept the first offer they are given. If you’re interviewing the best candidate don’t waste time making your offer; they might accept a different one while you’re deliberating.

Don’t Forget Training

It is always worth looking at your current staffing pool. You might not have someone who is ready to do the job you need. But, you may have the right person with a little training.

The plus is that people in your organisation have already proved their loyalty and know your business. The right attitude combined with a willingness to learn can make them your perfect candidate.

Don’t forget as the market is becoming more candidate driven it is you that needs to sell your business and the role on offer. The pressure is on you not the candidate!

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